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We went to Atlantic City for my girlfriends Bachelorette party and was very surprised at the caliber of male strippers we had seen at the Savage Men Male Strip Show. The club was very nice but that was not what we came for and what we came for was sexy and hot men. The Savages lived up to their reputation and more then exceeded ours. The show was very sexy and the multi-dancer striptease acts had me sliding in my seat. The Bachelorette got up on stage for one of the acts and was in heaven. She was in this act that had a bunch of gorgeous guys dressed in the red capes and armor from that movie the Spartans. Boy was that really hot. The guys were so chiseled and just amazing. The after party was really fun and we must have stayed until 4am. We were so glad we chose Atlantic City for her bachelorette party. Next time I plan a girls night out we definitely know were we are going.

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